Stading Ltd.

STADING Ltd. was founded in 1996 by engineers with long-term experience in industrial construction.

Nowadays, our team consists of 6 civil engineers who will elaborate an assessment and complete design proposal of structural object and also a complex project documentation of architectural and structural analysis for all project stages, from conceptual ideas to production documentation.

Our domain is to bring good solutions to the investor. We try to point out overpriced designs, save time and labor on the construction by a suitable solution. The goal of our design is to capture and foresee the complications or inaccuracies that are just the spots to save time and money.

We believe that tracking trends and keeping up with the knowledge of 21st century is an important way to quality work. Therefore, in our work, we invest in quality software based on 3D simulation that helps us maintain high accuracy, reliability, sense for a detail and also avoid unexpected surprises in implementation.

We work reliably, ingeniously and efficiently.

Good solutions are what we do

Quality certificate

Contentment of the clients is one of the main criteria in the evaluation of our work results and work quality. In order to secure quality of company outcomes our employees regularly attend various professional trainings. 

Obtaining of ISO 9001 certificate for the first time in 2007 may also represent a guarantee of provided services. We have been carrying on our established quality management system without certification since March 2011.

Good solutions are what we do

Meet our team

Tibor Kiss st.

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