Drawing up a production documentation is one of our strengths. Production documentation by STADING, also called workshop documentation, has been carried out in a 3D model since 2008. High precision and efficiency are secured by using Tekla Structures program. More than 250 projects, many of them challenging, sharpened our skill and lead to high professionalism.

The production documentation is delivered by certified structural engineers instead of trained designer. The combination of Tekla Structures and skilled engineers is the guarantee to your satisfied requests and work quality. Nowadays, we even program our own user components and connections at Tekla Structures to carry out the best possible work under the best conditions.

Tekla Structures in action

Why choosing us is a good decision?

No collision

Even the most complex shapes and spatial constructions can be controlled due to precise model and built-in collision detection. Your production and assembly works are without interruption and unpleasant surprises.

Accuracy of structure

A 3D model of the structure is simulated to within a hundredth of a millimeter, including items such as welds and bolts. As a result, there will not be a situation in which an access to a screwed joint will not allow nuts to be tightened, or the weld design will prevent the elements from fitting.

Usable for the future

If you decide for optimization, expansion or any kind of modification, your model is applicable and does not require a new model, which is very useful.

The invisible considered

The easiest to forget is that which cannot be seen. In this case this is represented by motion corridors for people and machines or handling space at the devices. These areas are simulated physically and took into account during the structure check.

Bill of quantities in a short time

Material purchasing and delivering is a matter of time. Due to the fact that the model precedes the drawings, it is possible to obtain a preliminary bill of quantities for material purchase, even before we finish detailed drawings, which saves a significant amount of time.

Coordination of engineering fields

Other parts of the project such as mechanical engineering, HVAC, etc. are attached to the model.

Your path to drawings

First data/materials

To thoroughly review the project complexity and the repeatability of the structure is our first step.

Price quotation

Among our price quotation you obtain several tips for structure modification in order to save your money. Eventually we may point out some errors in the initial data provided.

Contract close

If it is necessary, we will ask for more specifications and we can start!


Weekly status reports. Without prompting.

Bill of quantities for material purchase

Meanwhile as we finish all the drawings, you have all data necessary for material purchase.

Project handover

All drawings of items, parts, assembly systems and detailed reports of anchoring material, steel, industrial gratings etc. CNC output on request.


We are here for your questions even after the handover.

Ako ste boli spokojní s projektom od nás?

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