CIPI staircase

In this case, our client was a steel structure supplier, who benefited from our experience in 3D modelling and preparation of documentation for the production of the composite elements. As part of the service, we helped the client to communicate the problem with the submittals, inaccurate and incomplete construction documents, and recommended several modifications to expedite construction. We then designed the structure for assembly in terms of transportation, weight of individual parts, and emphasis on fabrication tolerances. In order to accurately weld the spindle column to the spindle column, we created a drawing with a 1:1 scale template to overlay the column and mark the exact location. Our goal is to think about how the structure will be fabricated and assembled. Only then did we assess the structure structurally and adjust the dimensions of the individual elements (thickness of the plates, diameter of the pipe).

  • Date2022
  • Project typeProduction documentation
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