Structural assessment of new or existing object

It is essential to distinguish whether you need a design or an assessment. This determines the delivery time and price. Structural design comprises of a whole new solution or design solution optimization for a new object. Mostly we work with materials submitted by other engineering fields. In this case the works consists of dimension design / profiles of the load-bearing components, their spatial distribution, joint influence and optimization.

At STADING, we plan ahead by modification of the design to reflect the real structure in the future considering were connections or assembly parts are anticipated. For most projects we execute the structural calculation together with a building permit documentation and/or an execution documentation.

Structural assessment includes structural expert’s opinion concerning the condition of an existing load-bearing structure and its safety, or more precisely its impact on possible life or property threat. Furthermore, it includes a statement on the consequences of proposed interventions in the existing structure. Please note that a legitimate opinion may also be a negative one!

Industrial sector is predominantly our biggest specialization, but still a good example might be a cutting of a vent hole to a load-bearing wall in a residential building. This kind of intervention requires cooperation of all neighbors below and above that specific evaluated place, whole structure stiffness consideration and despite of long hour of calculations, the result might look like the following:

„Structural intervention is impermissible due to the possible depreciation of property and the threat to life.“

STADING appreciates a true value delivered to the client, and that is why – if possible – structural assessment includes a design proposal. Next step is to develop this proposal into a project documentation of construction modification in order to fulfil the anticipated function.

Structural calculation in STAAD.Pro

Calculations by STADING are carried out in STAAD.Pro by Bentley, which guarantees the correctnessof the results. Bentley regularly provides control calculations to US NRC Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Computational program STAAD.Pro is an approved program for structural calculations in nuclear power engineering. We are one of the few who own licenses in Slovakia and work in this program.

Structural verification assessment

Bratislava, 09/25/2015, media one by one announce to the public that Apollo Business Center 1 threatens the lives of thousands of people. No one had to read this newspaper. Only if a second independent team joined the mentioned structural expert that would verify the correctness of the calculations. Independent verification is a common practice in established foreign design companies and after these events, we are starting to introduce such verification in our country.

For construction costs of 44,000 m2 object, the cost of such a review is literally small. If you are looking at the issue from an investor's perspective, you should consider a structural verification calculation by an independent company. For some, best invested money in life. 

STADING delivers you a second independent structural assessment to help you sleep better and make you sure your vision is not ruined. And again, these are the advantages of using the STAAD.Pro in our company. 

It is smart not only to use another structural company but also a different computational program.
Which makes it even more likely this will occur whilst using our services.

Structural optimization

Another form of structural verification assessment is an optimization of the structure. As a result of the verification, it may be that the structure complies with the ultimate and serviceability limit state (ULS, SLS), but… its reserve is so big that there is a real possibility of saving considerable resources in construction. It is important to emphasize that STADING never touches the limits of the structure. Saving on a load-bearing structure is not a wise choice unless the first design proposal is significantly overdesigned. This case might also occur within some proposals.

The second type of optimization and the conclusion of our verification assessment may be that despite the satisfactory design and reasonable reserve in the load-bearing capacity of the structure, there is a possibility to save resources by changing the structural solution. In other words, our assessment will also help you to discuss the suitability of your chosen construction method, type of the structure and material selection.

The design of a large-span steel structure which bearing-capacity was sufficient, without exaggerated dimensions of the components, but impractically divided into assembly parts can be a good example. The production price and material costs were optimal. The matter was, for ensuring the passage of oversized transport to the site, it was obliged to request permissions from Slovak Road administration, Police Forces etc. To avoid unnecessary obligations and save money it is necessary to plan in advance.

Structural assessment price

Regardless if concerning a verification assessment, a consultation, a proposal or an assessment of an existing object, we create a price quotation after inspection and studying the materials. You will receive the quotation within five business days, but usually within 48 hours.

During our consultation with the client, we focus on the answers to questions that influence the development of the construction and the construction costs diametrically more than the design costs. For example, planning of the actual lifespan, OPEX, future expansion of the construction and thus additional extra load, corrosion reserve, transport options, operational options and time-elimination for construction. All these aspects can be taken into consideration during design works.

We do not ask about your budget. In accordance with our strong belief, our quality work determines the quotation. It is not proportioned to your CAPEX.

If our approach caught your attention, feel free to requests a non-binding price quotation in the form below or contact us in any other way. The next step after our initial consultation is totally up to you whether you want to continue to co-operate with our company.

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